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WA 1500
c   NEW CATALOG 2016
  Quality "Made in Germany" is now also in demand with the world largest shooting federation, the "National Rifle Association of America" (NRA). In December 2010 we received the license of the NRA and sell now under "kruger premium targets" ( our high-quality products in the USA.
Target with shaded scoring rings
Olympic rapid fire pistol 25 m
Centre for olympic rapid
fire pistol target 25 m
with shaded scoring rings
and final ring 9,7
Order No. 3230 AF
Olympic rapid fire pistol 25 m
with slanted mounting slots for the
insertion of targets 26 x 26 cm

with shaded scoring rings
and final ring 9,7

Order No. 3200 AFS
Pistol 25/50 m
Centre for pistol target,
Centre for rifle target 100 m
with shaded scoring rings
Order No. 3130 A
water-repellent and tear proof targets





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