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Accessories for Archery
Accessories for Electronic Scoring Targets
Air pistol 10 m
Air rifle 10 m
Background target MEGALINK
Backing Targets
BDMP targets
Bigbore 300 m
Bigbore 300/200 m
Crossbow 10/30 m
Field Crossbow Target Faces
Fun targets
Game targets
IPSC Targets
Mask targets
Mask targets for SPIETH + Polytronic + Häring
MEYTON Mask targets
Motive targets
Musket / Service rifle
Olympic rapid fire pistol 25 m
Pistol 25/50 m
Police Pistol
Rapid fire air pistol 10 m
Running Target 10 m
Running Target 50 m
SIUS targets
Smallbore rifle 50 m
Target faces for archery
Target faces for blowgun
Target faces for field archery
Target patches
Targets for Hobby and Entertainment
WA 1500
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Background target MEGALINK
Smallbore rifle background target 50 m
for punched targets
Order No.


50 m


34 by 34 cm

packed in

100 pieces


Price per 100 pieces
14.79 Euro
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x 100 pieces
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Krüger targets • Handwerkstraße 8-10 • 66663 Merzig• Germany