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For more than 50 years, our high quality and reasonably priced targets have been very popular with shooters, clubs and associations. Krüger targets are made at our own printing plant in large quantities. We produce them with using a team of more than 100 highly qualified workers on high technology machines.

Our targets have a very good reputation among sport shooters due to their excellent price-quality relationship. We keep on our motto "1 QUALITY = 1 PRICE" which means you will get always first quality for the lowest possible price. We guarantee a consistent high quality standard for our targets, with the best shot impact characteristics, which meets all of the requirements of sport shooting.

We use special printing inks to achieve a deep black, non-reflecting aiming mark which is sharp-edged and accurate in all dimensions. The outstanding quality of the machine-smooth special board made from short- fibre raw materials, ensures that the shot holes do not have ragged edges. These characteristics support a quick scoring using all of the normally accepted target scoring machines. The newly manufactured targets are delivered in special shrink-wrapped packaging, which protects the targets against the effects of humidity. Continuously high standards of quality control ensure that the "Krüger-Quality", which has been well-known for decades, continues to rate as the trademark of a world-renowned and competent manufacturer and supplier.

In 2010, we received renewed admission as "Official Supplier" for the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF), which certifies the high quality of our targets. Since 2006, we have been approved and certified by another World Sport Federation. The World Archery Federation accepted us as "Official Licensed Manufacturer" of target faces for the sport of archery.

Therefore, it appears that Krüger is the only producer worldwide, of targets for pistol and rifle shooting and target faces for archery, which meet the requirements of both World Federations.

Since January 2009, Krüger is the "Official Supplier of the German Shooting Federation" (DSB) and has obtained the right to print the DSB logo on their paper targets. Furthermore, we are approved as an Official Supplier for the German Archery League (DSB) and other German shooting federations, e.g. "Bund Deutscher Sportschützen" (BDS) and Deutsche Schießsportunion (DSU).

After the „National Rifle Association of America (NRA)” we are choosen as well from the the American Olympic Shooting Federation, „USA Shooting“, to become their licenced target manufacturer. American sport shooters trust on quality targets „Made in Germany“!

Andreas Krüger
Managing Director

Joachim Seibold
Head of Shooting Sports Target Sales








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