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Archery - Accessories
Archery - Animal Target Faces (IFAA/DFBV)
Archery - Competition Target Faces (IFAA/DFBV)
Archery - Competition Target Faces (WA/FITA)
Archery - Field Archery Target Faces (WA)
Archery - Fun Target Faces
Archery - Skills Training Target Faces
BDMP (Bund der Militär & Polizeischützen) - Special Targets
BDS (Bund Deutscher Sportschützen) - Special Targets
Benchrest Targets
Blowgun - Target Faces & Accessories
Books - Rifle & Pistol (German language only)
Crossbow 10/30 m
Crossbow Field 10m-65 m
DSB (German Shooting Federation) - Special Targets
DSB - Rulebook (German language only)
DSU (German Shooting Sports Union) - Special Targets
DSU - Rulebook (German language only)
Electronic Targets - Accessories
Electronic Targets DISAG 10m/50m (OpticScore)
Electronic Targets MEYTON 10m/15m (MF4R1/MF5R1)
Electronic Targets MEYTON 25m/50m (MF4R3/MF5R3)
Electronic Targets MEYTON 25m/50m (MF6R3)
Electronic Targets SIUS 10m/15m (LS-HS-S 10)
Electronic Targets SIUS 25m/50m (LS-HS-S 25/50)
Fun Targets 10m
Fun Targets 25m/50m/100m
Game & Motive Targets 25m/50m/100m
Game Targets 10m
IPSC- & Law Enforcement Targets
Pistol Targets 10m
Pistol Targets 10m - Rapidfire Air pistol
Pistol Targets 25/50 m Precision
Pistol Targets 25m - Bigbore Caliber Pistol
Pistol Targets 25m - Rapidfire Pistol
Rifle Target 300m/200m
Rifle Targets 10 m
Rifle Targets 15 m
Rifle Targets 50 m
Running Target 10 m
Running Target 50 m
Stamps - Numbering Stamps
Target Patches
Targets for Hobby and Entertainment
Targets for Model Cannons
WA 1500 - Precise Pistol Competition (PPC) Targets
X - Catalogues, brochures & promotional material
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1. Product Search

The Navigation Assistant above left, enables you to search and select items.The rules are very simple (similar to Google): two or more keywords, in inverted commas, find all the items for which these words appear in the product description. So these words function internally just like a single keyword.

One keyword finds all the items for which the word appears in the product description.
Two keywords (without inverted commas) finds all the items to which one or the other word relates.
Two keywords (with inverted commas) finds all the items to which the expression as a whole relates.
Using a minus symbol before the keyword, will find all of the items in which the word does *not* appear. Example: "James Bond" -Moore. In this example, all James Bond films in which Moore does not appear, will be found.
The search can be limited to one particular group of products.
All variations can be combined.

The Product Titles and Descriptions are always searched.

2. Choosing your product - adding to the Shopping Basket

In the Product List, for every item that appears, you have the chance to enter the unit amounts of your desired order. By clicking on the button shown here


the order details you have entered will then be transferred to the shopping basket.

3. Shopping Basket

As soon as the first item is added to the shopping basket, the quantity of the item which have been added appears on the left, together with the accumulated total cost exclusive of carriage charges.


Click on this button in order to open your Shopping Basket, which allows you to make changes to the contents before you proceed with the actual order.

4. Changes to the contents of the Shopping Basket

Please choose from the following options:

i Remove this item from the Shopping Basket.
i Change the quantity of this item. An existing entry in the field 'Quantity' is of course necessary.
i Close Shopping Basket and go forward to the ordering procedure.

5. Ordering Procedure - Entering your customer details

If you are already a customer, details of your last order will automatically appear when you enter your usual email address and password. You can then change these details to suit your new requirements.
In all other cases, it will be necessary to enter customer details in the relevant boxes of the form.
In any case, the next step is to confirm the accuracy of the data you have entered by clicking on 'Proceed to Overview'. In addition, you must confirm your agreement to the Terms and Conditions by clicking on the control box in the foreground. These can be viewed here or elsewhere in advance.
To return to the Shopping Basket, you should either click on the 'Shopping Basket' button or the 'Back' button of your browser (see section 3 of these instructions).

6. Ordering - Receipt page

On this page you will find all the data entered from the Shopping Basket and the customer details.
You can delete your order by clicking on the 'Shopping Basket' (see section 3 of these instructions) and selecting 'Remove all items from the Shopping Basket. Delete order.' (See section 4 of these instructions).By clicking on the button


you take the final step of committing yourself to a purchase through our online shop.

7. E-Mail confirmation

Once you have proceeded with step 6, you will receive a visual confirmation of your action and an email confirming that we have received your order. We are only committed to supplying your order, once we have issued you with this written confirmation. Both the confirmation of receipt of order and the confirmation of the order details re-state the content of the purchase contract.

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