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WA 1500

Olympic Medal Winners, World and European Champions
and a lot of other Sport Shooters of the whole world
use for their competition and training
KRÜGER TARGETS licensed of the World Associations.

  Ralf Schumann
Olympic Champion 1992/1996/2004
Silver Medal 1998/2008
World Champion 1990/1998
13 x World Cup Final Winner 
39 x World Cup Winner
7 x European Champion

Photo: Massimiliano Naldoni

  Christian Reitz
Olympic Champion Rio 2016
Bronze Medal Beijing 2008
World Champion of Police
World Champion Juniors
World Cup Final Winner 2011/2016 
10 x World Cup Winner
European Champion 2015
Gold European-Games 2015
2 x European Champion (Juniors)
  Monika Karsch
Silver Medal Rio 2016
World Cup Final Winner 2014
World Cup Winner 2014
Vice-European Champion 2014
Bronze European Championship 2013
Bronze European Games 2015
World Champion of Military 2015
  Barbara Engleder
Olympic Champion Rio 2016
World Champion 2010
World Cup Winner
World Cup Final Winner 2011
European Champion
Vice-World Champion
Military 2015
  Valerian Sauveplane
World Champion 2014
Vice-World Champion 2010
World Cup Winner 2005/2013
European Champion 2013/2015
Gold European-Games 2015
  Florian Kahllund
World Cup Winner 2014
4. Place World Cup Final 2014
World Champion Indoor Team 2016
European Champion 2014
Multiple German Champion
  Lisa Unruh
Silver Medal Rio 2016
World Champion Indoor 2016
World Champion Field Archery 2014
Bronze Medal WCH Field Archery 2007
2. Place Worldcup Medellin 2014
Team Worldcup Winner Medellin 2014
2. Place Team Worldcup Shanghai 2015
6. Place Worldcup Final 2014
Bronze European Championship 2007/2015/2016
European Champion Team 2015



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